The P.A.W.S. PTO Mission

P.A.W.S. PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at the Preschool at Wellesley Schools by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.

Meet the 2020-2021 Team

The PTO Board is a great way to be involved. All roles are vital to the success of providing support to the P.A.W.S. school.  There are still LOTS of open roles- let us know if you would like one!!

Jeanette Donahue


Sukh Gill Bajwa


Lorraine Pocon Ramos

Vice President

Lauren Scarpati



Room Parents - at least one per class!


Room Parent Coordinator
Library Parent Coordinator


Garden Coordinator


Library Volunteers

Elizabeth Nelson

PTO Advisor

Interested in being part of the PTO Board...

Join our team as a Board Member or PTO member.  We are always looking for active and engaged P.A.W.S. student caregivers.